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Lebanese Cuisine in Kelowna provides personal catering and catering services for dinner parties and events for guests from 10 to 50 people.

We cater for corporate events, special occasions, office parties, book clubs – we even co-ordinate teambuiding “Iron Chef” competitions for groups and businesses.

Gather your family and friends together to experience a taste of the Middle East with savory dishes from Lebanon.

Starts at $40.00 per person for the sample menu below.

Different menu options are available.

Clean-up if needed  …  $50.00
Serving dishes  …  $40.00


Call Betty at 250-864-3491 or email

Lebanese Cuisine

Lebanese food is regarded as the healthiest of cuisines because it focuses on an assortment of the freshest ingredients like mint, parsley, bulgar wheat, garlic, and lemon juice. The greatest thing about Lebanese cuisine is that it can accommodate vegan, vegetarian and paleo diets.

Your dinner will consist of traditional home cooked dishes made from natural and nutritious meats, produce, grains and vegetables and always dressed with the finest olive oils.

If you’ve never had Lebanese food before, be prepared for a food EXPERIENCE you’ll never forget!

Catering Services


MEZZA {Appetizers}

Dip made from garbanzo beans, garlic, sesame seed paste and lemon– sooo yummy

Baba Ghannuj
Dip made the same as hummus, but using eggplant– your tastebuds will have an explosion of flavor!

Black Olives and Pita Chips


Laham Mishwi
BBQ Beef or Chicken Kabobs
Djaj M’tabbel
Skinless chicken baked with lots of garlic, lemon and zartar– a very tangy dish

*Substitutes will be made for an all vegetarian meal, the list is long.

Riz M’falfal
A mix of noodles and rice cooked in clairified butter

The freshest and best salad you’ve ever had. A beautiful medely of finely chopped parsley, lettuce, tomato, green onions, sprinkle of bulgar wheat, olive oil and lemon juice– you will want this everyday!

Warak Enib
Grapeleaves stuffed with rice, fresh parsley, tomato, mint, and lots of lemon juice– sooo delicious… it’s like eating candy!

Sweets & Beverages

Phyllo pastry stuffed with walnuts, drizzled with home-made syrup– it’s the best kiss to the end of a beautiful dinner

Arabic coffee
Espresso ground coffee from Lebanon, made and served the traditional way

Catering Services
Catering Services
Catering Services
Catering Services
Catering Services

” The gathering of family, friends and delicious food is what makes any person rich.”

Fresh flavours made with love!

“We have used Betty’s catering services many times and it is such a treat! We really appreciate the integrity of her dishes, as she uses only the finest and freshest ingredients so that the flavours shine through. No fillers or preservatives, grape leaves picked by hand, the food is so healthy and flavourful. Betty is such an interesting and caring person who is passionate about food and people. The total catering experience is 10/10.”

Raechelle (Trip Advisor)

“Delicious! Healthy and hearty cuisine that we could eat over and over again. If we could eat like this every night our bodies and senses would thank us!”

Laura & Jason

Delicious fresh food!

“Delicious fresh food, excellent personalized service, lovely woman. Betty has helped us with catered dinners, appie parties, and just good fresh choices to stock our fridge. If you haven’t yet tried Lebanese Cuisine, we highly recommend it!”

Rocelle (Trip Advisor)

Delicious, Authentic Lebanese food and an Expert Teacher!

“Betty learned from one of the Best – her mom. The food and the methods of cooking are something you can only get from this kind of experience. Absolutely delicious food catered in the Saj Common Kitchen or Your Home. We’ve had the pleasure of both and they were equally delicious and fun!”

Tanis (Trip Advisor)

“Thanks to your amazing preparation of food, we had the party of all parties. There is no keeping up to the Jones’s now.

Naturally appetizers started the evening party off, and I thought it can’t get better than this. However it did, right up to the special coffee you served with your homemade baklava. The professional presentation and handling of our event was greatly appreciated, and talked about for days after.

Thank you for doing such an outstanding job, and it would be a pleasure to recommend your business to anyone interested in using your service.”

The Jones family – Kelowna, BC/Calgary, AB

Fabulous authentic food and catering services

“I went to Lebanese Cuisine for a “learn to cook Lebanese style” evening. Not only is Betty passionate and knowledgeable about the art of Lebanese cooking, but the entire evening was filled with much laughter. We were all given a print out of the recipes we’d learnt and they are simple and easy to follow and have become part of our everyday meals. In addition, whenever she makes something that’s time consuming to make, Betty packages, freezes and offers them to take home for our own use whenever we desire at very reasonable prices.”

Carmen (Trip Advisor)

Great Catering Service!

“Betty is an absolute delight to work with. She catered our wedding with delicious Lebanese food and added that extra flavour we were looking for. Our guests were more than pleased and were amazed at the variety of dishes, each dish with its own story to tell. We recommend Betty’s Lebanese Cuisine Catering and Cooking Classes 100%, and are so pleased to have such a wonderful soulful chef in the Okanagan. “

(Trip Advisor)