About the Cook

“I have had the good fortune of being raised by an amazing woman who was well-known for her cooking in Lebanese communities. Everyone who sat at her table was not only well fed, but well nourished and long held memories of her food continue to be shared.

Growing up with a mom like that meant there was always food in the kitchen and ALWAYS made from scratch. My mother made homemade yogurt and bulgar wheat from scratch because there was nowhere to buy these staples needed for some of the traditional dishes that she lovingly made.

My love for cooking comes from my mother who is my mentor and teacher. I especially enjoy cooking Lebanese food and really believe that it is the best food to eat and I can assure you that I have been trained to cook by the very best.

The bounty of the Okanagan harvest has been inspiring and exciting for me and I would love to share with you the joy of cooking or eating Lebanese style.

“ Sahtayn! “ To your good health many times! “

Betty Cherkaoui

  • Betty Cherkaoui of Lebanese Cuisine and Catering in Kelowna
  • Betty Cherkaoui's mom and inspiration for Lebanese Cuisine Catering in kelowna
  • Betty Cherkaoui of Lebanese Cuisine and Catering preparing a meal in Kelowna
  • bulgur grain from Lebanese cuisine and catering in kelwona

Saj Common Kitchen – Tales from the Lebanese Larder

An article by Jamie Maw– March 11, 2014
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Betty Cherkaoui featured in The Field Journal

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Betty Cherkaoui of Lebanese Cuisine and Catering in an article for the kelowna Capital News

Betty Cherkaoui of Lebanese Cuisine & Saj Common Kitchen

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Betty Cherkaoui of Lebanese Cuisine and Catering in an article for the kelowna Capital News

Soup Sisters

Betty is a Soup Sister kitchen partner, hosting monthly events at Saj Common Kitchen, providing nourishing soup to local shelter. Read more here– Soup Sisters

Soup Sisters and Broth Brothers prepare soup in Betty's Saj Common Kitchen

Chefs in the Classroom

Betty inspires children through participating in the Okanagan Chef’s Association’s “Chefs in the Classroom– Edible Education” program. Read more on the OCA website.

Betty Cherkaoui of Lebanese Cuisine and Catering in an article for the kelowna Capital News
Saj Common Kitchen Door in Kelowna

About Saj Common Kitchen

Saj Common Kitchen provides rental of an approved commercial kitchen to chefs, aspiring chefs, food artisans, caterers, cooking teachers, restauranteurs, and production crews .

This kitchen operates 24/7, 365 days a year and is used by farmers market food vendors, personal chefs, event and corporate caterers, chefs doing recipe testing, cooking classes for professional chef training, or gourmet, ethnic and traditional home cooking, as well as small private functions.

It is our vision to offer a clean, functional approved kitchen to food entrepreneurs to grow their business and become successful.

Space is available on a first come basis– to book your space, call Betty at 250-864-3491.

What we offer:

  • A kitchen to start or expand your food-related business without the huge expense of building and equipping your own commercial kitchen
  • Commercial ranges and ovens, convection oven, charbroiler, walk in refrigeration, freezer, mixers, permanent storage, portable stainless tables, large stainless island and counter space, plenty of shelving, some small wares, rolling racks, 24 baking sheets and seating for 20
  • Full-time, part-time and single usage, as well as use for private functions
  • Set-up for teaching cooking classes, testing recipes, making products for sale, catering, etc.



Complete commercial kitchen available to rent at Saj Common Kitchen in Kelowna
Commercial kitchen space to rent at Saj Common Kitchen in Kelowna
Saj Common Kitchen in Kelowna